I'm Mubassir Kamdar

Mubassir Kamdar is an Ethical Hacker And Security Researcher from Karachi,Pakistan.

With over years of experience in cyber security, Mubassir Kamdar identified major security flaws in world's well known companies. This includes Eset, Facebook, Uber, Sony and many others. A huge number of Halls of Fame and Certificates were rewarded as a token of appreciation from these companies.

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Expose all registerd user email address of private program

Expose all registerd user email address of private program

Hi,This is Mubassir Kamdar how are you all doing hope doing great work and making good money.So today i will discuss on my last month finding in which I was able to expose millions of users emails of private program

Let's Talk About What Private Program Do:

"This website is basically for managment of some kind of payment's :)  "

 So by using google dorks i am trying to find some payment gateways website and luckily i got one so i messaged to Website support and ask them if they have bounty program and my next luck is they have private bug bounty program.I started my hunt by doing recon

For recon i use reconcobra

"Reconcobra is Foot printing software for Ultimate Information Gathering"

 Reconcobra is coded by MR . Haroon Awan in collaboration with Mubassir Kamdar 

So i started my recon using recon cobra and try to find out all subdomains after finding all subdomains i try to find out that any of subdomain is possible to take over but this time my luck was not working and i disappointed after this I go for Bike ridding and after 1 hour i came to home and check all subdomain list again and I find api,web.com 

So i try to test api.web.com and created account on web.com and test all api endpoint but i found nothing intrasting rather then xss on invite friend option and this help's me to motivate for testing more bugs then i come to option invite friend again and this time when i am entering my friend name like "Mub" and it show all account which name start from "Mub" i saw that web give me 3 accounts intercept traffic using proxy tool and check the request i found in reponse this expose all user email address 

Vulnerable parameter : web.com/api/v0.2/user_search/?term=aaa


reply : Nice Catch 

Bounty: For Digit Dollars $$$$


Run Commands On Company Machines (CSV Injection)

Run Commands On Company Machines (CSV Injection)

One of the more challenging tasks in web app pentesting is approaching an application that has limited interaction. It’s very easy to give up after trying every common method to exploit something, but putting in the time to understand an application is often rewarding and beneficial to ones personal growth as a hacker.


Let's follow a privacy of web and name a web redacted.com so after my recon I started to hunt web first i check subdomains for Subdomain takeover bug but i did't find any so i created an account on this web and check for low hanging fruits like session issues ,xss , csrf bypass and many other but i did't find any of this bug because of law interaction i have less hope to give it a try more but then i go to redacted.com/signup and create my account on this web and check all functions i found that if I attempt a fail login of my account then user agent and ip goes to my account activity log and admin has option to download this log file in csv format..So some thing clicks in my mind that if any how i was able to change user agent to my custom  user agent i can send commands to admin panel and when admin download this log as csv my command was also download


1) https://redacted.com/login/index?redirectUrl=%2F

2) just type a company email whom Computer You want to hack

3) and put random password

4) intercept request

5) change user agent to any excel formula "=1+1" i am using this because i am tester not attacker you can use "=cmd|' /C calc'!A0" this will

open calculator on victum machine

6) Forward the request

7) if company owner check activity log and export activity log and download it

8) excel formula run on Company owner computer and a calculator will run on victum machine

How to root a android device easily using kingroot.net

How to root a android device easily using kingroot net

What is root?

Many of you must heard this word before,But the actual meaning of "Root" is to gain an admin or highest peak of authority in any device means full control on internal or built in apps which you can not delete or manage using without root

How to root android device using kingroot.net?

So here is the most awaiting part of an article that How to root android device using kingroot.net 

Before you root your android device, better do this things to keep it better.

1)Backup your android device
2)atleast 70% of your mobile battery must charge

Root your android device using Kingroot

1)Install kingroot from kingroot.net click Here to download kingroot for android
2)if you see "Root access is unavailable" that means your device is not rooted 
3)after that click on START ROOT button but wait you must connect to internet for rooting your phone

Kingroot start rooting

4)After successful procedure you will see a big tick mark and a dialogue saying Root Successfully

Now at the end your device is rooted to check your device is correctly Rooted you can download an app from google play by typing a app name "root checker"

Check More : https://joyofandroid.com/how-to-root-android/

Who Am I? And What Is Ethical Hacking?

Who Am I? And What Is Ethical Hacking?

Mubassir Kamdar is an Ethical Hacker And Security Researcher from Karachi,Pakistan.
With over years of experience in cyber security, Mubassir Kamdar identified major security flaws in world's well known companies. This includes Eset, Facebook, Uber, Sony and many others. A huge number of Halls of Fame and Certificates were rewarded as a token of appreciation from these companies.

How To Become An Ethical Hacker On Your Own:-

First I want tell that before starting you carrier as Ethical Hacker you need to have some basic knowledge about programming there are some type's of Ethical Hackers

1)Script Kiddie

Script Kiddies normally don't care about hacking (if they did, they'd be Green Hats....

2)White Hat

Also known as ethical hackers, White Hat hackers are the good guys of the hacker world.They hack to secure things and for profit also....


Basically I What I’m sharing here is a Collection of Different Blogs About Penetration testing & Reverse Engineering That I have Picked from Google and Now Wanna Share With you all.., Along with Some Blogs Links......












and many more

My Advice:

I would like to tell all beginners to focus on self study and learn things by themselves as everything is possible all you need is the passion of taking a step after that you can achieve anything. Nothing is impossible to achieve.


Think out of boundary 

Session Issue In Facebook 2016

Session Issue In Facebook

My name is Mubassir Kamdar this is my blog an I am here to explain how I found Session Issue in Facebook 

So in 2016 I started Bug Hunting after that when I learn enough about Web Hacking and Security from OWASP ,Now I want to test my skills and I select my target facbook.com to test a bugs for some fun and profit to.....

I want to facebook and try some xss issues csrf and many other but i am unlucky to test my bug hunting skills and after wasting two or three hours successfully.I am feeling tired but I don't lost my Hope. and now I think I should try something different and suddenly a Session Issues come's in my mind now when I am playing with facebook login and logout buttons to find some interesting thing I found nothing and i was like

Now on my account there is a Login Approval is on so no one can hack my account,I again want to check facebook now this time i login into my account and i saw a login approval page first i tried to brute force my login approval and i was failed then something caught my eyes I saw a logout button on the top right side I click on it and then i go to main page of facebook.com and then i press back button in browser and after that i shocked to see that i come to login approval page and here it ask me to put a code i put a code to test and my account is logged in i was like 

Through this I found my first 2016 Hall Of Fame of facebook and this cause facebook to pay me 500$ bounty


If you like my article share it with your friend and stay tuned to get more interesting poc

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