Sunday, 3 September 2017

How to root a android device easily using

How to root a android device easily using kingroot net

What is root?

Many of you must heard this word before,But the actual meaning of "Root" is to gain an admin or highest peak of authority in any device means full control on internal or built in apps which you can not delete or manage using without root

How to root android device using

So here is the most awaiting part of an article that How to root android device using 

Before you root your android device, better do this things to keep it better.

1)Backup your android device
2)atleast 70% of your mobile battery must charge

Root your android device using Kingroot

1)Install kingroot from click Here to download kingroot for android
2)if you see "Root access is unavailable" that means your device is not rooted 
3)after that click on START ROOT button but wait you must connect to internet for rooting your phone

Kingroot start rooting

4)After successful procedure you will see a big tick mark and a dialogue saying Root Successfully

Now at the end your device is rooted to check your device is correctly Rooted you can download an app from google play by typing a app name "root checker"

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