Web Security Tool


Web Security Tool

In this article we will discuss about tools which helps you in securing your website and to identify some security threats in them Sucuri,Getastra,Detectify,siteguarding



Now a day's web security is trending topic in IT,Today there are hundreds of thousand of vulnerabilities that are affecting consumers.I saw a people always talks about SEO,Content Creation , and Best Hosting, But they never take security seriously , any one who suffered from data breach can tell you about importance of web application security.So before coming to the best web security best tool let me tell you one thing that tool can't fully pentest your web application.For this you need a Pentester because human mind and logic can never be replaced with tools.

So Let's start discussing the top demanding web security tool



Sucuri can perform various type's of web security scan such as identifying security risks remediating them , you can configure this tool for continue inspection, configure performance optimization etc.sucuri is much useful for identifying malware in web application like shells and etc, Sucuri web site security scanner scan through the server and collect all information and identify the flaws in it and can help in recovering Hacked websites.SUCURI has it own firewall which can give your web application protection against DDOS , Bruteforce attack.


Getastra Or Astra Security

astra security is best for web application security because what I have seen in this product is like plug and hunt they support every cms like wordpress,drupal,magento,opencart and joomla etc.I now what you are thinking that astra security only give security to popular CMS or they support any other frameworks like Laravel,CodeIgniter, Yii etc.yes,They have build there own libraries which can be used in any project.

Can Astra Security clean hacked/malware infected websites? 

Yes,They have highly skilled professionals they can make your website clean from malware or shell in just one day

Now talk about Astra Security features


Astra Security provide you 24/7 firewall protection which can protect you from attacks like sql injection , xss , injection attacks , remote code execution , Bad bots ,spamming , fuzzing your website directory with that much protection I think only real user can access your website

IP and Country Blocking

With Astra Security you can block malicious user , IP , Country in just one click 

Now the best part

Tracking Attacker

Using this plugin you can track attacker profile and can get a attacker details like his country from where the attack is performing his IP address and it will help you to easily take protective measures

Control files which are uploading on your website 

You don't need to set a filter or mime type on server side to proper validate a file which is uploading on your server with astra security it's firewall will do file check automatically

They have many more features mentioned on there profile you can visit it from HERE




Detectify was found in 2013 by Rickard Carlsson , detectify has received worldwide recognition for there security research.

They mainly work on two products 

  • Asset Monitoring
  • Deep Scan

Asset Monitoring 

This tool monitor assets of application which attacker can exploit to hack your website or application there are many asset which developer forgot to remove from web like directory listing , open ports which should not be opened , sensitive files like .git 

also this tool can do web application pentesting using OWASP top 10 vulnerabilites 

like xss , csrf , rce,lfi and path traversal etc.


Deep Scan

Deep scan discover latest vulnerabilites and also patch them accordingly,Deep Scan test beyond cve this means deep scan can test logical flaws and those bugs which bots / web security tools can't find



Website security, detecting malwares on the website and removal services, website backup services, daily website file scanning and file changes monitoring 

 Siteguard has a very good amount of features malware removal services,secure hosting,antivirus scanner , blacklist monitoring , file change monitoring , available monitoring , full backup , geo protection , website firewall (WAF) , bad bot protection , ssl certificate , bruteforce protection , password page protection , server performance , outbound link scanner





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