How Much Does Pentesting Cost

 How Much Does Pentesting Cost

In this article we gonna discuss about pentesting cost and will learn some new things about pentesting.before taking start let me give you introduction about me


Mubassir Kamdar is an Ethical Hacker And Security Researcher from Karachi,Pakistan.With over years of experience in cyber security, Mubassir Kamdar identified major security flaws in world's well known companies. This includes Eset, Facebook, Uber, Sony and many others. A huge number of Halls of Fame and Certificates were rewarded as a token of appreciation from these companies.

I also provide the best solution to tackle the exploit and defend your application from widespread abuse. Moreover, I especially target critical bugs, like account takeover, database manipulation, and many more. If you need any service of mine you can contact me via these Contact page.


what is pentesting?

pentesting stands for penetration testing,in pentesting white hat hacker's focuses on security assessment and threat detection to eliminate weaknesses or bugs with in the structure.

pentesting is a key part of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing in short it called (VAPT)

What is vulnerability assessment?

VA is a practice in which every company need to engage in.While in vulnerability assessment white hat hacker describe the way that how he finds the vulnerability and what is the key impact of this vulnerability and how hacker's can use this vulnerability to exploit the company structure which can lead to reputation loss.

Why you need penetration testing and what is the pentesting cost?

Cyber crime cost us enterprises and businesses $3.5 billion in 2019.according to this FBI receive 1,300 complaints every day.It is expected that till 2025 cyber crime will cost around $10.5 trillion annually.

So now it's up to you that if you want to be secure or not

now come to the pentesting cost

the simple and easy answer of pentesting cost is "IT DEPEND'S" price of pentesting is depend on your aim to accomplish.

you can say it depends on how much assets you want to test in other words it depend's on the scope of application and how much information you give to hacker's there are two type's of pentesting.

  • black box testing
  • white box testing


The initial step of infiltration testing is to characterize the underlying extent of testing.It is characterized by the way of the testing as the entrance testing is further separated in two sub classifications. 

Black Box Testing?

Now your question is what is black box testing?

here is a simple answer,Black Box Testing is a method of testing in which you test application without knowing it's internal structure or code , implementation details and internal paths.

White Box Testing?

Now it's about White Box Testing,in this testing method you give pentester an application and all the information like what the paths , internal routes , ip's  and code to identify application flaws.

Best answer for Pentesting Cost?

scope and duration of engagement, test concept and mainly the experience of Pentester will decide the pentesting cost

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