what is difference between encryption and hashing

Difference Between Encryption And Hashing

So today's let's discuss about difference between encryption and hashing,This question was asked in interview if you are applying for position like pentester or system engineer.

Let's decrypt the answer

What Is Encryption? 

Encryption is a way to scrambling information in a way that only someone with a corresponding key can unscramble and read it.Encryption is a two way function,When you encrypt some information you are doing with intension that after some time you can decrypt it. 

How Does Encryption Work?

I am going to encrypt a sentence using mono-alphabetic shift cypher that has ability to replace each letter with one that is sequentially three places ahead of it.





Historical encryption algorithms

Let’s start by going over some different types of ciphers.

Shift Ciphers – Like the example we discussed above, two parties determine a number between 1-25, and shift the letters that number of spaces in the alphabet. The shift number serves as the key.

Nomenclator ciphers – A type of substitution cipher that replaces common plaintext words with symbols to try and throw off a specific form of cryptanalysis.

When should encryption be used?

As we discuss above,encryption is a two way function,You encrypt information with the intension to decrypt it later.it will help you to protect your information , protecting cloud data and transmitting financial information 

Key Point

"Encryption is reversible and hashing is not"


What is Hashing?

Hashing is a process to map data of any size into fixed length,this is called hash value,where encryption is two way function hashing is only one way function.

Every hash value is unique. If two different files produce the same unique hash value this is called a collision and it makes the algorithm essentially useless.

anyway, here is a example of hashing, let's suppose you want to digitaly sign a software to make it available to download from your website..To do this you need create a hash of the script or executable you’re signing 

The difference between Encryption, Hashing and Salting 

Common Hashing Algorithms

MD4 – MD4 is a self-loathing hash algorithm, created in 1990, even its creator, Ronald Rivest, admits it has security problems. The 128-bit hashing algorithm made an impact though, it’s influence can be felt in more recent algorithms like WMD5, WRIPEMD and the WHSA family.

MD5 – MD5 is another hashing algorithm made by Ray Rivest that is known to suffer vulnerabilities. It was created in 1992 as the successor to MD4. Currently MD6 is in the works, but as of 2009 Rivest had removed it from NIST consideration for SHA-3.

TIGER – A fairly new algorithm that is beginning to gain some traction with file sharing networks and torrent sites. There are currently no known attacks that are effective against its full 24-round variant.

What is a conclusion of Encryption And Hashing

  • Encryption is a two-way function where information is scrambled in such a way that it can be unscrambled later.
  • Hashing is a one-way function where data is mapped to a fixed-length value. Hashing is primarily used for authentication.

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