Ransomware Attack Solution - How ransomware works

Ransomware Attack Solution - How ransomware works

Ransomware is serious attack ,In this article we will cover all the things related to ransomware and how to prevent from it 

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypt a victim file,In this type of attack attacker demand ransom from a victim.


In this case attacker give instruction about how to pay ransom and where to send most common form of the payment was bitcoin or cryptocurrencies because it was undetectable the cost can be from hundred or thousand of dollars .

How ransomware works?

Attacker can send ransomware via phishing , spamming your email or social engineering , once ransomware was downloaded and installed on your machine it will encrypt all the files on that machine.If you want to know how to detect malware or ransomware then check out my article.There are also some threat in which we saw that if you are a victim of ransomware attack and you are addicted to pornography attacker can blackmail you and ask for charge's or you can say a fine for watching porn if you don't give it to them attacker can leak screenshot or photo's but this was very rare case.

Who can be targeted by ransomware attack?

Most often they choose a big organizations because they tend to have a good employ numbers.if they are able to manipulate only one employ of that company they can make a huge profit from it so if you want to learn how to train your employs about social engineering or cyber threats you can check my article about what is pentesting
On the other hand we saw that ransomware target a organization who can pay quick money to attacker for example government,medical institute or law firms,because they have sensitive information if that sensitive information was leaked they can face a huge loose.

Solution for ransomware attack?

if your computer is infected by ransomware attack you can check out this video.

This video has all the details , but the main points are:

  1. reboot windows to safe mode
  2. install a software that detect malware or ransomware
  3. scan the system from ransomware 
  4. restore the computer to previous state

But here is a important point which you need to keep in mind that from this step you are able to remove the ransomware but you are not able to decrypt your important file's because there is 50% chances to recover from ransomware attack if you want to decrypt ransomware file's you need a smart guy with that particular skills for this type of service you can contact me 

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